I don’t believe I had a choice but to love airplanes as a child, it was either that or attempt to block out all of the animated aviation talk around me.  I have always intended to be a pilot "someday".  That "someday" finally came when I made the decision to not continue in college and pursue different life goals.  I pulled out my old books and started prepping for the written exam.  Several months later I started flight lessons.  Due to flight schools closing, instructors leaving, financial and later health issues it was a long road.  After what seemed to be a very long seven years, I had finally become an instrument rated commercial pilot.  I later re-enrolled in college,  earning a certificate in Aviation Management. It all was worth the wait :)

Why the Pixie Pilot?

From 2010 to June 2014 this blog was entitled Toriaflies. It was a spin on my original screenname Toriafly I had used since middle school believe it or not. A model flips her long locks in the wind. A bride has a gorgeous up do. A lady shouts "yes" in the shower while lathering her shoulder length hair. Society says the epitome of femininity is long, shiny hair.  At first when I joined the ranks of pixie cut women, I teared up, feeling that my femininity was lost. Later I learned that I had gained so much more. My face was no longer hidden from the world. I'm a pilot and I have a pixie cut.

My pixie cut marked the turning point in my life. Not only my hair transformed, but all I knew soon followed. In the years since the pixie cut, I found a position in aviation insurance that I am happy to have turned into a career, not just a job. I've become a commercial pilot and have found a home with my pilot family at Frederick Airport. I made some great friends around the country to include my co-hosts on the Stuck Mic AvCast. In addition, I've hosted four record breaking events introducing over 750 women to aviation. 

Life tends to go in spurts or cycles. Sometimes I'm a confident pilot flying every weekend to new and interesting places. Others, I may shed some of that confidence while grounded for an extended period of time and watch as the rust slowly builds. Whether you are where you want to be in life or not, be open to change. It can be scary, but if you alter the word to "growth" it seems much more positive, doesn't it?

Part of this growth has involved a long-time bucket list item of mine: becoming a children's book author. In December 2014, this dream came true. Along with my co-author and business partner, Kelly Kennedy, we launched the Turbo the Flying Dog book series. This series is based on the adoption of my own dog, Turbo, and the flying adventures we share.

More growth followed...my hair. I no longer have the pixie cut but I still face the world and continue to grow. That involved my new blog where I share my life lessons learned in the air, but that are very applicable on the ground. Check out Confidence to Fly.

The Pixie Pilot Blog

I first created this blog to keep family and friends updated about my life and flying progress, however, it has become much more than that.  For through this blog I have met and connected with many individuals that may have not been possible before.

My continuous goal in aviation is to always be learning and to be open to new experiences within the industry.  Don't expect many eloquent posts free of typos, I write like I am talking to a friend or a diary.  I will not impress you with my writing skills, I'm just sharing my story and passion for  aviation.  Thanks to everyone who has joined me along this amazing journey!

Welcome and come back soon ~The Pixie Pilot