Friday, April 7, 2017

Flying to the Beach with Fido

As summer approaches we are all thinking about one thing...the beach! One of my favorite flying past times is visiting beach and bringing along my favorite furry friend, Turbo. Flying around with a dog adds a few additional steps to your pre-flight, especially when it comes to finding dog friendly beaches. is a great resource for dog friendly spots. I simply find a beach and plot that in a map to find the nearest GA friendly airport. Recently, released a graphic that takes the work off your hands for Florida beaches.  You can also use to help easily find rental homes that allow dogs near those Florida beaches.

Other items to add to your pre-flight? Water, water, water! Most likely, your dog is going to want to drink the ocean water this will do nothing but dehydrate them! Bring lots of water and a bowl so Fido is kept well hydrated throughout the trip. Another one...poop bags! Please be courteous and don't ruin the beach experience for everyone, pick up your dogs poop! It's hard to find a good dog beach and if owners do not consistently pick up after their pets you may soon find the beach to no longer be dog friendly. Lastly, keep an extra towel in the plane, one that doesn't go to the beach. Sand gets EVERYWHERE and you can limit the post-plane cleaning with the simple step of having your pooch sit on the towel for the flight back.

I'm sure you're like me and cannot wait to overfly the beach, excited to soon be sitting down with your pet enjoying the sunshine and watching the rushing waves. What is your favorite beach to fly to? Is it dog friendly?

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