Saturday, July 9, 2016

New Post over at Confidence to Fly!

As mentioned in my previous post, I started another blog about gaining confidence with an aviation twist. My latest post is below. Be sure to bookmark Confidence to Fly to keep reading more! 

After my divorce, even the thought of dating brought a sickness into my stomach. But I knew in order to move on with my life I would just have to rip that bandage off in one possibly painful swoop. Slowly but surely, it would get easier and I wouldn't wince before the pull. There is no one there to rescue you from a potential bad date or stop you from saying something embarrassing. The outcome of the night could be amazing, or an absolute letdown.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

NEW Blog! -- Confidence to Fly

Good morning!

Yes, my blog has been a bit scarce lately as I have been through quite a few life changes. But I am back along with a NEW blog! While The Pixie Pilot will remain updated with my aviation adventures, feel free to explore aviation and life more deeply at Confidence to Fly. Read more below:

Every pilot remembers the day that their flight instructor stepped out of the airplane and you were left completely alone inside the cockpit for the very first time. What happened from that moment forward was determined by your actions, you were the pilot in command. All of your training has led you to this moment, but it was up to you to push the throttle forward and take off. Much like that student pilot nervously reaching for the throttle, many life changes leave you feeling quite alone and anxious. It is in this moment where you find the courage to fly solo, that creates you into the individual you are destined to be.