Thursday, October 27, 2016

Turbo the Flying Dog Explores Aviation History in Third Book

Turbo, star of the children’s book Turbo the Flying Dog, returns for the third book in his series, Turbo Flies Through History, scheduled for release November 19, 2016. Children 4-8 will follow along as Turbo and his best friend Olive travel through the history of aviation on an amazing adventure.

 The series is inspired by the real-life rescue dogs of authors Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Neuville, and focuses on rescue and aviation themes. In the new book, young readers will join Turbo and Olive as they teach each other about the popular planes of the past as well as lesser known moments in the history of flight.

 “Many readers may recognize the Wright Brothers, or the space shuttle, but do they know which animals took the first hot air balloon flight?” Neuville, a licensed pilot, asks. “Aviation isn’t just about flying the plane, it’s about the exciting past that brought us to where we are today.”

 Kennedy agrees. “Turbo and Olive will help readers get excited about aviation’s past, which will help them become the people who will shape its future. Turbo and Olive may end in the space shuttle, but that doesn’t have to be the stopping point for them!”

 The dogs and authors will be celebrating the launch of Turbo Flies Through History at AOPA’s National Aviation Center in Frederick, Maryland, on November 19th at the popular Paws and Planes Holiday Event. The free event runs from noon to 3pm and families are invited to meet Turbo, Olive, and special guest Santa Claus while participating in aviation related activities.

 About Turbo the Flying Dog

 Turbo the Flying Dog is an aviation themed book series based off the real life adventures of author Victoria Neuville dog. In December 2012 Neuville, a commercial pilot flew from her home in Maryland to West Virginia to adopt a puppy from a local rescue. Turbo was the only appropriate name for the pup, who took to flying right from the beginning. Since then, Turbo has logged over 100 hours of flight time, including flying to Canada and the Bahamas! Fans of the Turbo series can follow his real-life adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 Turbo the Flying Dog books can be purchased online on the Turbo the Flying Dog website and on

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