Saturday, April 16, 2016

Balloon Chase in an MTOsport Gyro

Wow! Time flies and life has been so hectic that I have not taken to the air. I've missed it, I've craved it! Well, last night that thirst for flight was finally quenched in none other than an MTOsport Gyro! I always love the "real flying" experience with the wind passing by and the MTOsport provided just that. It belonged to my friend Frank and he's now going down the list (as all of us pilots do) of people he had promised rides to. I was happy to be towards the top of that long list!

We departed out of Frederick and went to chase the local hot air balloon. When we caught up to it, the balloon was up high and we decided to stay low and shop for real estate in northern Frederick County. As we flew over rolling hills filled with beautiful farmsteads, I don't think the smile came off my face. While the gyro felt choppy at first, I soon became used to its rhythm. The only thing that felt strange was the way it takes off, which had to do with the top rotors coming up to the proper RPM. Everything else felt like a normal aircraft except it turns on more of a pendulum.

I was quickly pulled out of my flying trance when we decided to go find Frank's friend and A&P's farm. As he told me what roads and landmarks to look out for, we twisted and turned around various farms until we spotted it. We did a low fly by and his friend came out! It was so fun to see him waving excitingly from below as we flew low circles and performed Top Gun flybys past his home.

The waving and flybys didn't end there, as the sun began to set we hunted down the balloon once again as it was preparing to land. The landing spot was a long farm field and the passengers waved as we circled and waved back. Both of us were full of adrenaline as we flew back to Frederick, landed and went to the airport restaurant to eat and talk about...flying!

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