Friday, April 15, 2016

SMAC118 Live from Sun N Fun 2016

Pre-Flight Checklist:
This is a special, LIVE episode of Stuck Mic from the Sun N Fun Air Show! Carl is joined by special c0-hosts Russ Roslewski, Larry Overstreet, Robert Cigliano, Tom Frick, Eric Crump, and Derek Lagasse.
  • Carl is meeting Russ Roslewski in person for the first time. Russ has his own CFI blog and accepts user submissions.
  • Eric Crump announced that he missed announcing some people in his initial welcome to Sun N Fun including his wife and kids, Dad, and his Mom.
Cruise Flight:
  • Polk State College asked Carl to be the coach of the flight team this year, and it has been a great year. The team captain also joined them on the deck. M0A donated so they could have a plane to use. Kevin Lacey of Airplane Repo promoted the organization. A number of others donated and assisted including ASA and the local FBO. You can donate to the team as well.
  • The captain of the flight team this year is now a working pilot flying around the Caribbean and will be Assistant Coach next year.
  • Rod of Open Airplane stopped by the deck to talk about the way they rent airplanes the same way people rent cars.
  • AOPA is advocating starting a flight club, and is giving away an airplane to support it. Check out their site for details.
  • Ken Cage of Airplane Repo discusses their show and how it promotes aviation.
  • Rob Williams, Executive Director for the Aerospace Center for Excellence
  • Victoria and Turbo the Flying of Dog joined by Skype
  • Listener mail about accidents or incidents, which led to a discussion about talking about your mistakes and learning from them.
  • Inspiring future aviators
After Landing Checklist:
~Picks of the Week~
No picks of the week as this is a live interview show.
Photo Credit @pilotmandi on Instagram
This episode is sponsored by Aviation Careers Podcast and the Aerospace Scholarships Guide
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