Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SMAC113 NTSB Most Wanted List

Pre-Flight Checklist:
We have a special show tonight with a big cast of characters: Rick Felty, Victoria Zajko, Tom Frick, Larry Overstreet and Sean Moody. Paul Grieco also joins us tonight as a special guest.

Cruise Flight:
Tonight’s topic is the NTSB Most Wanted List
  • Reducing fatigue-related accidents and FAR 117
  • Stories from the crew about flying fatigued
  • Implementing fatigue management training at your flight school, having a fatigue checklist, and knowing your personal limits
  • Medical fitness for duty, considering other issues in our medical background that could prevent flying
  • Disconnecting from deadly distractions
  • The difficulty of learning to use apps and devices in the cockpit, which often do not work on the ground.
  • Loss of control, and the use of an angle of attack indicator
Listener Mail:
A listener from Facebook had a question about approach segments such as initial, intermediate and final.

After Flight Checklist:

~Picks of the Week~
Sean: Airporttag-Pillows, t-shirts, and other things marked with airport codes, along with quotes on flying
Victoria: Garmin 796-portable touchscreen GPS for weather, approach plates, and other general aviation features
Larry: Sun n’ Fun is coming April 5th-10th 2016.
Rick: LearnTailwheel.com– A website for learning tail wheel flying by Paul Santopietro, a good friend of the show (you can check him out in episode 32A)
Carl: Flyers and Why they Fly- an out of print coffee table book that captures the love of aviation.
Tom: rucsoundings.noaa.gov– A site to determine where the temperature and dew point are going to converge to discover cloud heights.

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