Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flying - A Dog's POV of an IFR Flight Lesson

Yesterday around noon, Turbo and I hopped in the plane along with my CFI for a practice IFR flight. As many pilots do, I wanted to record the flight, however, I added a twist. I wanted to show Turbo the Flying Dog's fans what it is like from his point of view. Much to his disdain, Turbo was loaded into the back of the plane with his doggie GoPro harness on! 

After engine start, I checked the ATIS. The wind was gusting to 20 knots and looking at the sky, it appeared quite bumpy. It was my first time wearing my new Abingdon watch while flying so I took advantage of using it to remember the ATIS when calling ground. Despite the wind, we were third in line for departure and we had to wait at least 10 minutes to take off due to various landing traffic. It was a sunny day and many pilots were taking advantage of it! During that time the wind shifted and they changed runways as well. Turbo's P.O.V was not to exciting during that time, his view was just the back of the seats as he slept.

Surprisingly, it was quite smooth in flight. We called Potomac and were cleared direct to Westminster VOR for the ILS approach into Frederick. I handled all the radio calls and despite not having communicated on an IFR flight plan in awhile, I did pretty well. Unfortunately we discovered our mode C wasn't working properly during the approach, causing ATC to have our incorrect altitude even though I was spot on. We turned that off and continued on, making a mental note to have that checked out. The ILS was to runway 27, but Frederick had switched to runway 30 so we did a circle to land. IFR wise, the rust is quickly falling off, but my biggest struggle is staying up to speed on what happens next.

What happened next for Turbo? As always, he perked up on final. His view was no longer the back of our seats and I was thrilled to see that the GoPro did catch some of the landing view out the window. When we touched down, he congratulated us on a flight well done. Or at least he commented on the instruction. He his paw on my CFI's shoulder and was monitoring my taxiing. What a ham! Check out the video from our flight below!


  1. Ha, that's awesome. Especially the authentic head-shake partway thru!

    1. I debated taking the shake out, because it's slightly disruptive, however, he's a dog! Authentic is the perfect word for it :)


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