Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ladies Cirrus Takeover

Yesterday, the Sugarloaf 99s were invited by our newest member and Cirrus rep, Sarah, for a Cirrus demo flight. My last Cirrus flight was almost five years ago, so I jumped at the chance to get in the air again. We all met at Airways Restaurant at the airport for breakfast, however, they had a surprising 40 minute wait. So we carpooled over to a local diner instead and (ate way too much) then came back to Frederick to fly. 

Jill and Caylee joined Sarah for the first flight, so Lin, Suzanne and I joined the other Cirrus representatives in their office to get some Cirrus swag and talk aviation. They showed us the newest video on the Cirrus Vision Jet and after drooling over that we discussed different things we liked about Cirrus and what we'd love to see them add.

Finally, it was our turn. We were such a nice group of ladies that we didn't fight over who got to sit up front with Sarah. We determined Suzanne should since she went the longest since last being behind the controls. So of course, we made fun of her the whole time out of jealousy. Sarah walked us through the latest avionics and then it was time to taxi and take off. Once in the air she demonstrated the "easy button" that brings you back level when you get yourself in an unusual attitude and some other great features. After that, we turned on some music and enjoyed circling around the Frederick area. 

Even from the backseat, I had a great time! Sarah was excellent at demonstrating the aircraft and handled the gusty winds with ease. Nothing beats sharing your passion with fellow female aviators and being able to laugh and smile the whole way up and back down to reality again.

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