Thursday, December 31, 2015

Favorite Flying Moments of 2015

As with 2014, 2015 saw me flying less as well. However, I now have scholarship money under my belt and have been very wise as to how much I can take on at a time. I've grown a lot in 2015 and am determined to keep flying fun, not just a to-do list of currency and new ratings. Here are my favorite flying moments of 2015:

January: No More Special Issuance! 

2015 was off to a great start. New Years day, I got to fly in an RV4 and on the 5th I found out that I no longer was required to have a special issuance medical! Yay normalcy! 

February: Food & Formation

Nice February skies prompted our first $100 hamburger for the year in Millville, NJ. Although we had already checked this one off of our list, formation with friends on the way home made the trip extra special.

March: Flying the Frozen Niagara

Most people may wait for warm weather to enjoy the beauty of Niagara Falls, but Tara, Kyle, Bob and I took advantage of the rare frozen falls for a flying trip in March. Weather prompted some interesting delays but in the end it was a weekend trip full of fun-filled (and frozen!) memories.

May: Arsenal of Democracy

It was a historic day in Washington D.C, hundreds of WWII warbirds flew over the nation's capital and I was there to witness it alongside friends.

May: Tailwheel Training

Just days before my 30th birthday, I started some tailwheel training. While it probably won't be until mid-summer that I go gung-ho and get rated, I know it's a rating I'm going to have a blast achieving!

July: Turbo Learns to Fly

Just in time for Oshkosh, Turbo Learns to Fly, the sequel to Turbo the Flying Dog released! Turbo's "tail" continues as he finds aviation is quite fun and decides that he should become a pilot, too! Along the way, he helps his female CFI feel welcome in a male-driven industry.

July: Oshkosh 2015

This was an Oshkosh for the books, a time that really proves that the pilots in aviation are such a wonderful, loving community! I even met Burt Rutan and took my first seaplane ride!

August: WHAG TV

The pressure is on when you bring a news reporter for her first small airplane flight! It was all a part of a promotion for Turbo Learns to Fly as two authors, two dogs and a news reporter flew over the skies of Frederick, MD!

December: Ladies Cirrus Flight

The last flight for the year was celebrated with a group of ladies I cherish, the members of the Sugarloaf 99s. Brunch was followed by some really fun Cirrus demo flights!

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