Sunday, November 15, 2015

SMAC108 Drone Registration and Airplane Parachutes

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Carl Valeri at Wyoming Valley Airport, PA
Carl At Wyoming Valley Airport , PA

Welcome to Episode 108. In this episode we discuss the proposed drone registration and airplane parachutes. The Cirrus Ballistic Recovery system saves another life and we discuss this incident. We also have some cool flying videos to discuss. Drone registration is proposed to increase safety promote education on the safe use of drones.

This episode was recorded on Veterans Day and we have a special message to Veterans who are important in our lives. We especially want to say thanks to our veteran friends and family of the podcast.

Cruise Flight:
All Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Drones will be required to be registered.
Airframe Chute saves another life.
Cirrus Ballistic Parachute deployed.
Jet pack flying around NYC
Twin formation jet packs near Emirates jet.

After Landing Checklist:
Pick Of The Week:
Victoria - Fly Girls - The Forgotten Fliers Of WWII - TV Mini Series
Tom - Global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions
Carl - National Museum Of The Mighty Eighth Airforce
Larry - Red Says : Up Up And Away : My Life and How I Flew It
Rick - Tabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye

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