Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Trip of Choices - Part 2

Sleeping puppy number two
In my previous post, I had turned around and landed due to instrument conditions. Instead of arriving in upper Michigan, we were putting the plane away and deciding what to do with our Labor Day weekend. Meanwhile, my brother who we were supposed to pick up along the way, started the drive to upper Michigan. Not ready to give up, we looked at the weather again and determined it was doable in the Glasair since Bob was instrument current and we had on board weather. We unloaded the Cessna and had to go home to get the keys for airplane #2 and our weather map.

A little over an hour later we were back at the airport again. We added some oil, loaded up the plane and the pup. After run up, we were once again departing runway 5 then turning north. This time, we went through the few clouds and were going quite a bit faster. I shook my head as we past the turn around point from a few hours prior, it was fine. However, soon after we were in and out of the clouds and did have to deviate due to a pop up storm. I was thankful for the on board radar and an instrument current husband.

We made it!
Just two and a quarter hours later we landed at KPTK to fuel up and stretch our legs. The cheapest fuel was at Contact Aviation which was previously Pontiac Air Center and now had self serve fuel right out front. Inside, it was very quiet, but they were new and remodeling. Contact Aviation now served as a helicopter school and an FBO. I grew up spending time in that building and was happy to hear they would be bringing the upstairs pilot lounges back to their former glory. The gal working the office was very friendly and we even had a lineman come out to greet us to see if we needed anything.

It was a very quick turnaround. After fueling and a quick snack and restroom break, we were back in the air headed for the U.P. The flight was just
The Northern Lights from Grandma's deck
under two and a half hours and the weather was great. I even stopped pouting long enough that we weren't in the Cessna and took the controls for some time. The sun had set as we came into the land and the lights to the runway greeted us brightly. A flight that was originally supposed to happen two afternoons before had finally landed. As we disembarked a coyote howled from across the airport. Turbo's ears perked up and soon many were replying. No airplanes moved, no one was walking about. It was just us and the song of the coyotes. We grabbed our bags and headed inside to wait for our ride.

We had a lovely time during our visit. I got to spend some quality time with my parents, brother and grandmother. We enjoyed touring old copper mine ruins, a historic school and hikes to beautiful beaches. But all too soon it was time to go home.

What choices lay ahead? 

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