Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sometimes you have to laugh at your landings

Sometimes flights just don't turn out the way you expect them to. Tuesday's plan was to go up and take a few photos with a friend and CFII, Joe. We had been monitoring the weather and I was hmming and hawing for a few hours about the heat and the possible thunderstorms near our intended photo spot. After lots of back and forth I decided to go ahead with the flight and head over to the airport. Once the plane was out, I took a quick peak at the weather once again and found that all the small cells that I had had my eye on had slowly become a line.

We scratched our plans, but the plane was out and Joe drove all the way up to Frederick. So, we flew in the opposite direction to W73 (Midwest Soaring Center) and W03 (Gettysburg) for some short field landing practice. At W73 we did a few laps around the pattern and I pointed out the spot on the airfield where Bob and I had become engaged. After a few trips around the pattern and some not-so-tasteful landings we shook it off and did the same at Gettysburg.

The landings all sucked. The weather was hot and we were sweating. There were a few go-arounds in there and an engine out practice that suddenly had it's engine come back. It was an off day at the beginning of a long week surrounded by equally long weeks. But we weren't grumpy or sad. We were laughing. We were having fun. And while we weren't doing our best, we weren't unsafe and we were doing the best we could at the time. Two days later, I would prove to myself that I was just having an off day...but that's a blog for later!

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