Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flying IT

Bob's parents needed their computer reformatted, so we volunteered to fly up for a few hours to do so. We decided to stretch the wings on the Cessna for this flight to DYL. When we taxied to the run-up area at Frederick, there were already three plans going through their checklists. One finished and I snuck in that spot. We enjoyed watching one more take off before it was our turn to depart Runway 23. The president was at Camp David so the restricted area was larger than normal. While our route stayed clear of it, I still was careful not to stray too far from course. We cruised along at 2,500 feet enjoying the scenery and only the occasional bump from the rising heat. The only excitement was when I went to open an air vent for Turbo when something flew out of it and bounced off my chest. I never did find out what it was.
Doylestown was equally busy. From many miles out we could hear traffic entering and departing from DYL. When I was calling my downwind, one aircraft was departing and another was turning base. As I turned to final, a large Bell helicopter was running up on the taxiway and warned me to watch out for his rotor wash. I landed and pulled off the runway and held short just in time to get a great view of the helicopter departing. We then enjoyed lunch with Bob's parents and I relaxed while Bob made the computer brand new.

The flight home was hot. We baked in the sun and headed directly into it for the entire flight. Turbo slept and Bob nodded off as well. I was left alone with my thoughts, squinting in the sun, soaring through a cloudless sky. There was a bit of a headwind and the way home was slower that the flight to Doylestown. Frederick was quieter, with one person practicing an approach behind us and I was approved for a straight in for 23. After a decent landing, we retreated to the hangar and rushed home to visit with friends.

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