Tuesday, August 11, 2015

$100 Hamburger - Airport Restaurant & Spirits

On the flight home from Oshkosh last month I got to add another restaurant to my $100 Hamburgers list. Directly across the lake from OSH lies JXN, or Jackson County Airport-Reynolds Field in western Michigan. I was forewarned, this location is popular with the locals as it is with pilots so we were expecting a wait. Luckily, we got right in prior to the rush. 

Airport Restaurant and Spirits had a similar vibe to that at my home field. The servers were gruff, but it added to the experience. The food was above par for an airport restaurant and kept us spry for the remaining flight home after a long week. The portions were perfect and there was a lot of American style food to choose from. 

We were joined by a friend with a Mustang II and later passed another flight of friends headed back to FDK as well. I don't think the restaurant was prepared for the Oshkosh rush. It's the ultimate place to stop along our route, if you are not in a hurry. It felt like a small town field, but it had two long runways and a tower, so I'm sure a lot of business must come in there.

For more good eats found through flight, check out my "$100 Hamburgers" tab. I always love to hear your favorites stops, too!


  1. Awesome! This was a favorite destination of mine back in Michigan. I remember flying in one day during the fall of 2005 when the tower frequency was so congested, we could hardly get a word in. We heard the tower instructing inbound traffic that the ramp was full, but that there was some parking available on the grass. Hearing this, one pilot on frequency asked if there was a special event going on that morning. "Nope, just people flying in for breakfast," came the response.

    1. Too funny, because in my Yelp review I thought "Why do they need a tower"? I guess it can be a pretty buzzing airport!

    2. Well...I cannot say that my experience that day is representative of most (or of today, since that happened ten years ago). But I can say that the ramp has often been well populated with transient airplanes on weekend mornings. I was last there a couple of years ago.

  2. We stopped there on our way to TVC five (!!) years ago. Thought it was a tasty little place. Reminds me quite a bit of Hangar 5 at BAK in Columbus, IN - also worthy of a stop if you're passing through that area.


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