Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Turbo the Flying Dog Now Available on Amazon Kindle

At two years old and weighing in at a lanky 24 pounds, rescue dog Turbo has logged more time in the air than most people. A children’s book based on his life was released in paperback in December 2014 and is now available in digital form through Amazon Kindle.

In December 2012, Victoria Zajko, a commercial pilot, and her pilot husband flew from their home in Maryland to West Virginia to adopt a puppy from local rescue. Turbo was the only appropriate name for the pup, who took to flying right from the beginning. Turbo loves to be in the air and demands the attention of fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts everywhere he lands. Zajko says that Turbo is closing in on his 100th hour logged in a plane.

Inspired from Turbo’s real-life story, Zajko teamed up with newspaper publisher and friend Kelly Kennedy to create a children’s aviation book series, Turbo the Flying Dog. The book tells shelter dog Turbo’s “tail” as he discovers he will finally have a new home and a family, but learns he must first get there by plane. Turbo has never seen a plane before, let alone flown in one, and as the story unfolds he discovers that he just may enjoy flying!

Kids everywhere can now enjoy Turbo’s story on their favorite mobile device. Turbo the Flying Dog can be purchased for Amazon Kindle readers or on the Kindle app for just $2.99. Turbo’s second book, Turbo Learns to Fly, will release in paperback later this summer, allowing young readers to follow Turbo as he takes his first flight lesson.

Victoria Zajko & Kelly Kennedy


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