Friday, May 15, 2015

Tailwheel Training & a Whoppyjawed Pattern

It had been two weeks and I have not cursed JJ's name as the sun rose. It was time to break that dry spell. I was cursing his name, still, as I pulled up to FDK at 6:30 this morning. Time had got in the way of instrument recurrence training, but we would not be taking the Cessna up today. A ruby red Decathlon had just come out of annual and was ready to spread it's wings.

Tailwheel training lesson 1 had begun!

I practiced taxiing as we rolled to runway 12 to run up and boy am I looking forward to some nice sculpted legs as these lessons continue. Whew rudder! We departed before the tower opened, taking off from runway 12, with a sharp turn over runway 23. As we were preparing to turn crosswind, the tower opened and we were cleared for a touch and go on runway 23. With some help from JJ, it was smooth. We rolled down the runway at a low power as he showed me how different the angle looked between tailwheel down and up. Next, it was full power and off to the sky! 

First, we had some fun. Fun includes: steep turns over a friends house and several spins. Then I directed us towards Westminster where we did three touch and goes. I was completely overwhelmed and critical of myself but my landings were great! Challenging yourself to something new is always a good way to start the day!

Now for the whoppyjawed. Yep, my first pattern at Westminster was whoppyjawed according to JJ. But I showed him. They were sharp box corners from that point onward. I'll show you who's whoppyjawed! 

According to Urban Dictionary, whoppyjawed is the New Jersey and Ohio version of whopperjawed. 

Whopperjawed: crooked, off-center. After the accident, his bumper was all whopperjawed.

Your word of the day, folks.

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