Monday, May 11, 2015

A Flying Dog Teaches at Annapolis Libraries

On Saturday, May 9th, Turbo the Flying Dog landed at the Broadneck and Eastport-Annapolis libraries in Annapolis, MD. In case you haven't read already, Turbo is the star of his very own book series. Book one, Turbo the Flying Dog has become an instant hit with the pilot community, telling the tale of a shelter mutt who must reach his new home by airplane. Saturday, children and adults alike were able to hear his story read by the authors and got to meet the stars of the books themselves.

The first reading of the day had children as young as six months old. At Broadneck Library, each child listened intently to the reading and once it was done enjoyed petting the real life Turbo and playing with Olive, Turbo's flight instructor in book two, soft grey curls. It was very encouraging to hear a father brought one of his daughters and was encouraging her and his other children to join the Civil Air Patrol.

After lunch, at Eastport-Annapolis Library Turbo and crew were greeted by an older crowd. They eagerly participated during the reading and it was followed by many questions about aviation and the dogs. While the headsets the kids got to try on afterwords was a big hit, the sectional charts is what had them gabbing. They loved to see the airspace over their state and learn what each and every symbol meant. When the questions slowed, it was time for foam gliders and running around the reading room flying their own airplanes and running with the dogs.

At the end of the day, there were probably a few future pilots in the crowd along with a very tired Turbo. Turbo is eagerly awaiting an invite to another library to spend time with kids as well as the debut of Turbo Learns to Fly on June 13th!

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