Monday, March 30, 2015

The Path to Instrument Currency

In October 2007, just several months after become a private pilot, I earned my instrument rating. Shortly thereafter I delved into the world of commercial pilot training and my instrument rating has not been current since. It's easy when your husband is a pilot as well. Besides the good old "time and money" excuse, I can easily pass on the flight to my husband when the weather gets below VFR minimums. However, I have been ready to take those controls again for quite some time and no longer want to use Bob as a crutch. Many years later, I am finally on the path to instrument proficiency!

I got into work a little late this morning, smelling like the sweet perfume of AvGas. I met my friend and instructor, JJ at the airport at 7am. We started with some groundwork and to talk about my training history in aviation. After discussing our "game plan" we took the airplane up for a bit less than half an hour just to have fun. I have flown with JJ several times but he had yet to fly with me so this was his chance to see how I flew. My landing was lovely...phew!

As I am 7 (eek!) years out of currency, my IPC won't be competed quickly. We're estimating about 7 hours to get me back into the swing of things. I have to say, despite the early, early, ugh, early mornings, I'm looking forward to starting several days a week by committing aviation! Until the next flight...tailwinds!

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  1. Good luck!! May it be quick and painless. Ahhh, who my kidding, instrument training is work, but I'm sure you will pick it right back up. The worst part are the foggles!


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