Friday, March 13, 2015

An hour to spare? Hit the air!

Ever since it started warming up and the sun started to shine, I would look up to the sky on my walk to my parking garage from work and say "I need to go fly!" I'm sure you have had the same exact feeling this past week. The excitement of spring as the snow melts, knowing you won't be shaking during pre-flight or trying to get the cabin heat at the right temperature. 

Last night was our monthly Ninety-Nines meeting and instead of going home to kill an hour before the meeting, I asked my fellow Ninety-Nine and AOPA writer, Jill, if she'd like to join me for a couple laps around the pattern. She did not hesitate to say yes. 

We took to the skies and the weather was almost too perfect, if that is possible. The air was smooth and so were my four landings. Jill and I enjoyed chatting about our love for aviation and snapped a few selfies. We even watched my boss take off in his Pitts, not content in allowing us to have all the fun.

After the plane was tucked away, two smiling Ninety-Nines joined the rest of their chapter for more aviation talk with the excitement of more flying ahead. 

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