Sunday, February 8, 2015

Note to self: Bring a nice camera next time!

Hm, where to start? Sunday was designated fly day. The plan was to join our friend Kyle for a flight out of Frederick for a $100 pancake breakfast. Bob suggested KMIV in Millville, NJ which we have from a enjoyed on a previous warm winter day like today. Kyle wanted to get an early 8:30AM start which we scoffed at. We recommended 9AM which was then agreed upon. We gave Kyle a hard time when he was the one late and we discovered we had fouled up mags due to waiting for him with the engine on idle for a good ten minutes. All was forgotten when we took off into the sky.

Kyle flew his RV4 and climbed out and got into cruise faster than
we did. However, we soon overtook him part when we reached the same altitude. We had a great tailwind and smooth sailing until we were over the bay. The clouds were offering a beautiful sight and we also spotted the new aerostat balloon in Aberdeen.

Millville has a remote flight service that listens in and provides traffic alerts and airport information when you fly in. They got a little worried and I'm not sure if it was FSS or someone else in the air that said "be careful guys" when we, along with at least three other planes approached the airport at the same time. It was quite busy and no one could spot each other. We extended our downwind to make things safe and I took the landing, followed shortly by Kyle. 

We entered Verna's Flight Line Restaurant and struggled to find room to stand and wait until a table was free. It is a very popular place! When we were almost done gobbling down our brunch, we were greeted by some friends also flying from Frederick, Carlo and Janet, in Carlo's Mustang II. 

We swapped fun aviation stories while they ordered and ate, then we headed to the Millville Army Airfield Museum. Here's a fun article on 13 artifacts that you wouldn't expect to see at the museum.

It was bright and sunny when we left the museum, I quickly shed my scarf and then my jacket as we approached our parked aircraft. It was time to switch co-pilots! Janet and I swapped, she joined Bob in the Glasair and I joined Carlo for my second flight in his Mustang. The RV4 led, followed by the Mustang II and then the Glasair as we each departed runway 28 and met up in the air a few miles later.

Carlo and I caught up with Kyle in the RV4. Kyle navigated and Carlo kept formation on Kyle's wing. Bob soon caught up with Janet flying from the right seat. They shot pictures from behind until Carlo got bored of staring at the RV4 and decided it was time to have some fun formation with the Glasair. Bob took lead followed by Carlo, then Kyle. What great fun it was. Here's where the title of the blog comes in: I wish we brought our nice cameras! The cell phone shots just don't do this event justice. 

With just 50 miles to go, Carlo broke formation and showed me more of what the Mustang is capable of. He demonstrated what a 4,000fpm climb feels like and we had fun with a roll. After that fun, Carlo handed me the controls and I took us back in to FDK. 

Once again, we were greeted by a busy airport. Carlo and I landed, keeping an eye out for another plane on low approach doing instrument practice. Kyle and Bob soon followed but each were instructed to do a 360 to make room for other aircraft in the pattern. The fun didn't end upon landing. It wouldn't be a day at FDK without running into a few friends. This quickly involved drooling over a Nanchang CJ6 Chinese trainer. While I drooled, Bob joined Carlo for his first time in the Mustang. 

It wasn't nearly as sunny back in Frederick as it was in Millville. Our coats, scarves and hats quickly went back on. The chill quickly set into our bones and the airplanes were put away in their prospective hangars. We said our goodbyes and quickly posted photos on social media bragging about our recent activities. "That was so fun!" was repeated many times through the remainder of the day.


  1. Looks like a great day! So...what did Bob think of the Halo?

    1. He liked it but didn't think it was as quiet as Bose. I think he's sticking with the Bose, but he did like that he could wear a hat with it.


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