Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Plane!

You know you started off the new year right when you get to experience some new wings. Albeit, I did not actually get some time at the stick, due to being blocked by carrying a camera with a big zoom lens, but it was still a great experience! You know it is going to be a great year when you get to start it zooming through the sky, an hour before sunset, spending time getting pictures of airplanes!

After lunch with our friends Kyle and Tara, we all headed over to the airport so we could get some air to air photos of our planes. We flew out to Harpers Ferry and back, I hopped in the back of Kyle's RV4 and Tara joined Bob in our Glasair.

The lighting was perfect, just an hour before the sun began to set and the airplanes glistened in the fading light. The bubble canopy of the RV4 gave a great view all around (except the area in which Kyle's head occupied in front of me) so made a great platform for me to spin around and get some shots. Unfortunately, the canopy was a bit tighter than anticipated and the zoom lens I had kept hitting the window and then hitting me in the face whenever there was a bump. Luckily, I was still able to get some good shots. Enjoy them below, RV shots courtesy of Tara:


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  1. Nothing like some nice air-to-air shots and a little formation flying. Looks like we started off the year in similar fashion!


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