Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Flying Moments of 2014

This year, things slowed down for me. It was a much needed break from the hectic life I usually lead. However, looking back over the year, I definitely needed to fly more. Here's to many more great flights in 2015!

January: The Bahamas
The week of New Years was our very first trip flying the Glasair and I am sure it won't be the last. Even our pup, Turbo, joined us for fun in the sun for a week in the out islands!

March: Restful Cabin Weekend in Tennessee
A much needed weekend of rest was needed and a cabin just outside of the Gatlinburg area was just what the doctor ordered!

April: TP Flight
Yep, TP as in toilet paper! Just a few months before my friend, Kyle, sold his Rans, we took it up to destroy several rolls of toilet paper aviation style!

June: Latrobe Airshow
Bob, Turbo and I flew into Latrobe, PA for an airshow. On the list of performers were the Blue Angels as well as our friend, Jacquie, showing the crowd how us ladies like to fly!

July: Patternwork with Turbo
Patternwork isn't usually all that thrilling, however, since most of my flight time is cross country these days, it helps to brush up the skills. I didn't go solo, though, I had my canine copilot with me!

July: Assateague with Turbo
Due to its proximity, we fly to Assateague beach at least once a year. This was the first time bringing our dog, Turbo. Bob ended up hurting his back on the trip...Victoria to the rescue!

September: C172 Sunset Flight
Sometimes the most ordinary flights are the best. Bob, Turbo and I just flew the Cessna 172 locally for a bit one night. The view was to die for.

October: Surprise Date Night
The hubs did it again! He really outdid himself with this surprise flight, I had no idea where we were going. He's a keeper!

October: $100 burger with Friends
The most memorable days are the ones you share with others...especially other pilots! This was a double date, $100 hamburger style!

November: "Skywriting" Flight
I had to "Dare to Be Different" for a recent scholarship application. So instead of an essay, I flew one. Check out my version of skywriting!

December: Turbo the Flying Dog Release
Throughout the year I have highlighted my journey on becoming a children's book author. The day came true on December 8th and sales have been going strong!

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