Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Full Moon Flight

Turbo wakes up for the taxi back
A short and sweet description of my flight last night:

The night air was smooth and the clouds above were lit by the full moon, cities sparkled below. My friend, Joe, needed some extra hours and I needed an excuse to bring someone to fly with me and help me put the plane away. It was a perfect arrangement. We flew to IDI, Jimmy Stewart Airport, and had fun trying to sound like Jimmy Stewart airport and poking fun of points on the approach such as BOMSO. We flew a total of 2.8 and I got to practice an approach and log some simulated instrument time. It was needed practice, but fun learning. Our ground speed was barely 70 knots on the way up, but the flight returning to FDK felt like a breeze! Turbo slept in the back like the good pup that he is. 


  1. Nice! I was out last night, too. 'Tis that time of year to maintain night currency. We also had some of that wind aloft. Eastbound at 3,000', my ground speed was 150 knots!

    1. Very good point about night currency, Chris! It was dark when pulled the airplane out of the hangar at 6! Crazy.


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