Friday, November 7, 2014

Children’s Book Promoting Aviation to Release 12/08/14

The Kickstarter funded children’s book, Turbo the Flying Dog, is expected to be available for purchase online on December 8th, 2014: Just in time for the holiday season. Turbo the Flying Dog tells the story of Turbo, a lonely shelter mutt. The day Turbo discovers he will finally have a new home and a family he learns he must first get there by plane. Turbo has never seen a plane before, let alone flown in one, and as the story unfolds he discovers that he just may enjoy flying!

Turbo the Flying Dog is book one of a children’s aviation themed series and is particularly unique because it is based off the real life adventures of author Victoria Zajko’s dog. In December 2012 Zajko, a commercial pilot, and her pilot husband flew from their home in Maryland to West Virginia to adopt a puppy from local rescue Dustin’s Angels. Turbo was the only appropriate name for the pup, who took to flying right from the beginning. Since then, Turbo has logged over 50 hours of flight time, including flying to Canada and the Bahamas! Fans of the Turbo series can follow his real-life adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Authors Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Zajko describe the book as a light-hearted adventure for children ages four to eight focused on rescue, family, and aviation. Illustrated by Michelle Zajko, the bright colors and illustrations mimic the real Turbo and his aviation surroundings.

Turbo the Flying Dog will be cleared for landing this holiday season. The book will be available on the Turbo the Flying Dog website as well as on For more information visit:

Victoria Zajko & Kelly Kennedy


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