Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pup in a Pitts

Earlier this week, I was in need of some more photos of Turbo doing fun aviation things to promote the Turbo the Flying Dog book series. We had recently purchased him some "doggles" upon the suggestion of many of his fans to make him look the part. His fancy pair of doggles are a bright yellow, so I thought what better than to do a photoshoot of him in my boss' yellow Pitts with black stripes. Without further ado, here are some snippets of the awesome shoot:

Only 3 days remain! Turbo's Kickstarter campaign ends on Sunday, November 22nd at 5:56PM Eastern. If you want to see this photogenic dog on bookshelves near you, feel free to contribute here. Kickstarter backing gifts include "pawtographed" copies of the book as well as an opportunity to name Turbo's flight school!

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