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Oakland Pets Examiner: Turbo the Flying Dog Kickstarter

Turbo the Flying Dog Kickstarter 
Sami Segale
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Oftentimes kids find comfort in animal characters when learning about life. Stuart Little, Winnie the Pooh, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and many others each face adventures through which children can see life issues played out: the first day of school, a fight with a friend, lying.

Turbo is a new character for kids making his debut the 2014 holiday season in Turbo the Flying Dog by Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Zajko, and illustrated by Michelle Zajko.

The real Turbo, who is a rescue dog from West Virginia, has been flying with his humans since he was picked up in December of 2012. The Pixie Pilot blog by author Victoria Zajko, who is a commercial pilot, has an entire listing of the places Turbo has flown complete with stories and

Co-author Kelly Kennedy is a newspaper publisher who also advocates strongly for rescue, having adopted Turbo’s friend, a Schnauzer/Poodle (Schnoodle) named Olive. Kelly contributes to a very entertaining blog called The Sassy Schnauzer.

Turbo the Flying Dog is a light-hearted
adventure series focusing on family and
overcoming one’s fears for ages four to eight.
General aviation, animal rescue, and diversity
are reoccurring themes.

Victoria and Kelly’s Turbo the Flying Dog project is currently raising funds to self-publish through Kickstarter with opportunities to back the project from $1.00 to $1000+. Many of the backing packages include stickers, “pawed” book copies, parties, promotional art, your dog included in the book, and even a flight to your closest small airport for a visit from Turbo and Olive.

The project is well on its way with 38 backers, $3660/$5000, and 32 more days to go until November 2nd from its September 3rd kick off, and the campaign can certainly use any help you are willing to give.

This is a unique opportunity to support a small project before it becomes big (there is an entire series planned exploring women in aviation and the history of aviation), and it is a nice way to get started on your holiday shopping.

Bark bark and away!

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