Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Surprise Flying Date

Sometimes I have to admit, as much as I love to rag on him, Bob is pretty awesome. Tuesday evening he had a surprise for me. In typical Bobtoria fashion, it involved flying. After work, I met Bob at the airport and had the doors open of the hangar as he pulled up in his car then pulled out the plane. After topping of the tanks we departed into the clear sky. We headed northeast, but I was still clueless as to where we were going. Bob made sure I saw nothing on the GPS, and I flew keeping heading and trying to guess what was going on!
Sneaky Bob and Clueless Victoria
It became obvious to me we were going to be landing in the Pennsylvania area. After less than 20 minutes of flying, Bob pulled up the weather, revealing to me we were landing in Lancaster. What was there? Amish? Maybe a corn maze? We parked at the FBO and walked over to enjoyed a yummy dinner at Fiorintino's the on airport restaurant, which we have enjoyed a $100 hamburger at before. Bob wouldn't reveal anything and I continued to guess. At the end of the meal, I had nailed him down to a concert. I was still clueless as to who. We hopped into our Enterprise rental (picked up at the main terminal) and continued on our way.

Lacuna Coil!
In the car, I guessed until we nailed down a genre then finally the act...Lacuna Coil. I was so excited and congratulated Bob on impressing his hot date. I was shocked that of all places they were performing in Lancaster, but apparently it is a venue they have frequented before. Called the Chamelon club, there are three floors to enjoy the concert from. Despite it's many levels, it is a very small venue which offered a more personal concert experience and we both had a blast.

I entitle this photo: Badass
 A heavy line of storms had passed while we enjoyed the concert, making for some slightly damp seats due to leaky windows but also the perfect opportunity for a neat photo of the plane. We could see the lightning from the storms in the distance as we called for our clearance and departed IFR. Despite the buildup from the storms to our east, the visibility had cleared dramatically and we were able to land visually in Frederick. My high from the concert and flight was quickly diminished when I looked at the time and realized it was a work night!

Oh, good job, Bob :)


  1. Bob is pretty awesome! And I love the photo of the Glasair, too.

  2. Ah... for the good old days when I was at Michigan State and belonged to the Winged Spartans Flying Club. Had many a good date flying them to a special destination for the evening. Now my wife has her own airplane and takes ME out for a date! How things have changed!

    Miss flying for a living, but still get to talk to old pilots who visit my website to get parts for their Randolph Aviator sunglasses they were issued in the military.

    Really nice of you Bob! Keep up the good work!


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