Saturday, September 27, 2014

Turbo the Flying Dog is Taking Off!

Most of you know by now of my latest endeavor: alongside my friend and co-author Kelly, I am self-publishing a series of children’s books featuring my flying fido and his sidekick, Olive.
Since we set upon this road last year, Kelly and I have been overwhelmed by the positive response from everyone from friends to complete strangers. It’s thanks to this support that we have come this far. But, we still have a ways to go! I’d love to ask for your support in any way that fits you best.
About the Series

The day he discovers his wish is coming true he is terrified to learn that he will have to take a plane, which another dog describes as “a big metal machine that makes noises in the sky”, to his new home.  With the help of his new family Turbo overcomes his fears when faced with the noises and bumps of the airplane ride, finally learning to love flying after taking a turn at the yoke.

Turbo the Flying Dog is a light hearted adventure series focusing on family and overcoming ones fears for ages four to eight. General aviation, animal rescue, and diversity are reoccurring themes.

Mailing List

I do not wish to bombard everyone with large personal updates like this often. If you are interested in keeping up to date with the Turbo the Flying Dog project, I encourage you to sign up for his mailing list here.

Social Media

It is thanks to social media that our series had such a powerful start. Turbo has many loyal and interactive followers on several forms of social media. It takes less than a minute to retweet, repost or share what Turbo has shared. Also, a small request on your personal page for people to “follow” Turbo can go a long way. Here is where you can find him and Olive:


Kickstarter is a platform that helps creative projects find funding. Backers are offered rewards for different levels of funding. Rewards for the Turbo the Flying Dog Kickstarter include copies of the book “pawed” by real life dogs Turbo and Olive, invitations to the books dog-friendly kick-off party, and even a special airport visit from the authors and dogs. The project hit over 50% of its funding goal and was one of the top 100 book projects within almost 24 hours of launch, and was named a Kickstarter staff pick. We are now at 73% funded, but our goal is to more than exceed 100% so we can kick out book two, Turbo Learns to Fly, in Spring 2015. You may view the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign here.

Launch Party Update

Our launch party is scheduled to be held at the Rockville, Maryland Zoom Room on January 11, 2015 (this is a Sunday) from 5pm to 7pm. If we must change the time or venue for any reason (ie weather, illness) we will do everything we can to accommodate the affected backers.

The $200 reward gets you a ticket for one adult, one child, and one dog (dog must be friendly with children and other dogs and also have all Zoom Room required vaccinations). A second child ticket will be issued with approval from Victoria and Kelly (we just want to know for head count and also confirm that your kids will be able to handle the dogs).

Party will include light snacks and cake for the humans and treats and goody bags for the dogs. Zoom Room provides agility equipment and a "Doggie Disco." Each backer will receive a pawed copy of the book and will have a chance for a meet and greet and photos with Turbo and Olive.

Check out the Zoom Room here.

Meet Turbo at the AOPA Homecoming

New for this year, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA) is hosting aviation fly-ins around the country to meet its members and to join pilots and aviation enthusiasts together. On Saturday, October 4th AOPA will have a homecoming celebration, bringing the fly-in back to Frederick Municipal Airport (KFDK) for the first time in five years. I will be working there on behalf of Aviation Insurance Resources and Turbo will be there to greet his fans as well!

Thanks again!

Thank you again for all your support and well wishes! If it weren’t for the support and encouragement from people like you, Turbo the Flying Dog would not be seeing print this year. I hope that you enjoy Turbo’s stories as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to life!

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