Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sunset Flight & a Milkshake

Despite committing to make keeping PIC current a priority this summer, it hasn't happened. Life somehow seems to happen and my passion kept being saved for the next day or weekend, etc. Yesterday, I arrived home tired from a full day but decided we absolutely had to go out at least for a quick sunset flight and that's exactly what we (Turbo, Bob and I) did.

It was one of those perfect evenings. The sky was turning a brilliant pink and would later dissolve onto a blood red. The plane jumped into the sky with little effort and soon we were soaring through a clear, calm, inviting sky. Once in cruise and done looking out for several incoming aircraft, I took a deep inhale, and relished in the pilot's view of the setting sun.

We flew to the West, over the mountain ridges of Frederick and into the valley of Middletown. Several lazy turns this way and that later, we descended back into Frederick and were cleared to land. Milkshakes at one of our favorite joints, Beef n Buns in Paradise, followed the sweet landing.
Bob loves watching me struggle to pull the plane out. He was "supervising".

Turbo supervises pre-flight.
Holding short of 23.


  1. Nothing like a sunset flight - smooth air like that is the best. We enjoyed similar views (albeit with fewer hills) ourselves on Monday!

    1. It was so smooth it almost didn't feel real! :)


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