Friday, August 8, 2014

Sunset Balloon Flight

Bob and I were back in the air (and lighter than air!) last night with our friends over at Tailwinds Over Frederick. This was our third flight with Tailwinds and our fourth balloon flight overall. The magic has yet to be lost on us!

We met the rest of the team over in Woodsboro and began setting up the balloon. It had been a year since I last crewed but after a refresher on what to do, it was like the "good ol' days". We had to adjust our setup location once for winds, but everything went smoothly. As it turns out, the other couple that would be flying with us that night shared the same anniversary as Bob and I. They were great to fly with and fun people to get to know while several thousand feet in the air while held up by an envelope.

Due to winds, our flight was extended more than usual and their were no complaints from anyone in the
basket. We flew from Woodsboro over trees and farms, past the Frederick airport and into Mt. Airy. We enjoyed waving at people and hollering at kids as we drifted over their homes looking for a landing spot.

We landed as the sun was setting, on the side of the road making it easy for the crew to pick us up. Many not used to balloons ran over to make sure we were OK. I'm sure we did have some concerned as when we landed, due the winds, the basket came down on it's side because the balloon wanted to keep going. So I got up close and personal with our dear friend and balloon pilot, Patrick. Sorry, Bob.

The night ended with fun stores in the van on the way back to our starting point and of course, a champagne toast. Everyone left with smiles because, as they say, once you have tasted flight...


  1. I still need to carve a hole into my schedule to help crew for the local balloon outfit! We chatted about it a couple years ago but never could make it work. Our flight on our engagement trip to Spain is still one of my favorite flying memories. One of these days...

    1. It's surprising how fun crewing can be! It's part of the whole experience I guess :)


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