Sunday, August 10, 2014

$100 Hamburger: The Fly In Patio Grill

"C'mon! Let's roll!"

It was a sunny Sunday and for once, the calendar was empty. What's a flying couple and their pooch to do? Try out a new $100 hamburger of course! The sun bore down on us as we took the plane out and prepared for the flight. 

Once again, we could not find where Turbo's Mutt Muff's had disappeared to, but it was a short flight. As we ran up, Turbo decided that his puppy platform was a bit too shaky to sit in without much luggage underneath, so he hopped over the seat and into my lap. I guess I would not be flying that leg of the flight!

Our destination was I40, Coshocton Richard Downing Airport, in Coshocton, Ohio for some patio BBQ at The Fly In Patio Grill. There was a broken layer of clouds beneath us and it the sky was hazy, but smooth. The airport made for a fun landing, it was a plateau carved out of higher land. Terrain varied greatly around the airport and we turned base we were suddenly greeted by a golf course upon another plateau. We flew
The Depot BBQ
over some players and their golf carts about 300' feet above the golf course on final when the ground suddenly dropped again. Then on short final, the airport plateau rose up in front of us again. My advice for landing at I40, is to keep in mind the airport elevation while making any height adjustments while in the pattern. 

After parking, we saw that The Fly In Patio Grill was a popular place. There was a awning with several groups under it as well as other families sitting at circle tables with umbrellas on the patio. The food was provided by a food truck from The Depot Restaurant and Pub down the road. Just order at the truck and once prepared, your meal is brought out to your table. Make sure you get some ice cream for dessert, too!

While we were eating, we saw a Piper Cherokee, a Cessna Skymaster, and an RV (7?) fly in. We also were witness to two Cessna 172 departures. Soon, it was our turn to depart as well. This time, Turbo stayed in his own special spot so I got a turn at the stick. We flew to 7,500 feet then soon to 9,500 for cloud clearance. I had 30 Seconds to Mars playing on the iPod and the just over an hour flight went by quickly and it was soon time to descend. Apparently, that was the time Turbo decided he wanted in on the action, too. He crawled up from his space in the back and onto my lap again.

"I have the airport in sight!"
I wanted to land, darnnit! That could happen with the pooch on my lap when he lays down, it just is a tad more challenging. But today, he decided to finally see what's up and look around. The whole time we descended and on through landing Turbo sat up and observed what was going on. Due to that, my vision was pretty much blocked out the front window. Plus, I took the time to take some photos of his newly found curiosity. Bob took the landing.

After the plane was tucked away, I was left thinking about what to do with Turbo and our two seat plane. Maybe it's time for a more stable backseat for him and a way to latch him in? We shall see what our creative minds may find. Speaking of finding things...we found the mutt muffs, they were in the back of the plane in the whole time!

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  1. Hey, I40's closeish to us! Sounds like a nice place; I'll have to add it to the $100 destination list. We're really overdue for any sort of flying trip at this point in the year.


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