Sunday, July 20, 2014

Patternwork with the Pooch

In my yoga sessions I have been doing for the past week, the instructor stressed the importance of showing up for yourself so your mind learns to trust itself. What she meant by this, was that by completing your commitments or practice, that your confidence will grow and therefore your abilities just by following through with your commitments. Today was one of those days that I showed up for the sky!

I fly often, but I'm not always PIC. I've noticed that not being 100% in charge has caused me to start leaning on other people in flight and not trusting my own skills. I was no longer OK with this so decided that some solo flight was necessary. But I didn't go 100% solo, my trusty flying sidekick, Turbo the Flying Dog had to join me!

I hooked Turbo to a tie down ring while pulling the plane out and doing the pre-flight. He was more than happy to lay down in the shade under the wing and pose for a few photos. After giving the plane a once over, Turbo switched from being tied to a tie down to being strapped in the Cessna taking the co-pilot's seat. He sat, looking out the window while we taxied and did a run up on the engine. 

A female flight controller was running the tower frequency today and when I was cleared for take-off there was another female pilot in the pattern as well. It was nice to hear on the radio! It had been so long since I had flown just myself (20 pound Turbo doesn't count), I was amazed at how lightweight and agile the plane became and I had to adjust my landings accordingly. 

We flew for less than half an hour, the sun was baking the cockpit and Turbo was starting to pant due to the heat. I told tower it would be my last lap due to a hot dog, and they replied that I was so nice for going in because of the pampered pooch.

Now came the problem: Rolling a 2,000 pound machine uphill into a hangar is not my forte. There is a certain friend who may be reading this that I will lay a guilt trip on for being at the airport, not answering his phone, and taxing right by a damsel in distress. :) Luckily, my boss was nearby and helped me push the plane the remaining way back into the hangar.

It was a short, hot, but fun flight. I was glad to spend some solo time in the air once again, proving just one more time, that I can do what I love to do as long as I show up to do it!


  1. I see the shoulder belt is stowed away. Is he tethered to the lap belt, or is he willing to just sit there calmly? I've been wanting to take my dog flying, but I'm not sure about handling him and the plane at the same time.

    1. Most of the time he sits (or lays) calmly. But, especially since I was solo, I prefer to have him hooked up just in case. I used his leash and wrapped it around the chair and had it anchored to a tight seatbelt in the backseat. He was able to switch between laying down and sitting, but was unable to move to undesirable places such as the rudder pedal area :)

    2. Thanks for the details! I always enjoy reading about the adventures of your flying family!


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