Friday, July 25, 2014

A Pixie Pilot...and author?

Like many pet owners, my dog is my baby. But, he is also my muse! Turbo continues to astonish me how he always loves life and going on new adventures with Bob and I. I was worried that our dog would be at kennels often while we tried to explore new places with our plane. Luckily, flying came naturally to Turbo and our flying fido has joined us on many trips ranging from Canada to the Bahamas! 
I have hinted at it previously, Turbo is now the subject of his own aviation related picture book series, the Turbo the Flying dog books. Soon my coauthor and good friend, Kelly and I will be starting a crowdfunding campaign to publish the books of a rescue pup who overcomes his fear of planes and soon travels around the world on new adventures.

To be kept up to date on Turbo announcements and maybe even receive a pawed copy of the first book, be sure to follow Turbo and his sidekick, Olive on the following social media accounts:



Thanks for your support! I look forward to flying to your airport to introduce Turbo and his book to your kids!

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