Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Message from Turbo the Flying Dog

Ok, yes it's really me. But let's have some fun here! I know the avgeek community is full of supportive and creative people, so I thought I would bring the call to my blogosphere!

Thanks for following alongside me on my adventures! Now it’s your turn to be a part of the action! 

 As most of my followers already know, me and my friend Olive are writing a series of books (we’re going to be Bark Stars!) with our moms and are revving up to launch our crowd funding campaign to publish them. The pawblem is that while our moms are pawsome writers they aren’t very good at drawing us.
We are giving friends, family, and friends of friends first crack at joining the Turbo Team. We are looking for an artist who can do 32 pages of amazing doggie artwork, and invite you to submit a bid
for the project. 
What you’ll need to include:
Samples of your work, either by email or an online portfolio.
A quick sketch of Turbo or Olive: Show us how you envision the dogs on paper. It doesn’t need to be too fancy.
Please bid on the whole project of 32 pages, color. 
You can send everything to me at: 
Want to be involved but can’t draw yourself? Share this post with friends and family. If we end up choosing an artist you referred to us we’ll send you your very own pawed copy of our book – plus a $50 finders fee!
Thank you for your support! Love, Turbo the Flying Dog (and The Pixie Pilot)

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