Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why The Pixie Pilot?

A model flips her long locks in the wind. A bride has a gorgeous up do. A lady shouts "yes" in the shower while lathering her shoulder length hair. Society says the epitome of femininity is long, shiny hair.  At first when I joined the ranks of pixie cut women, I teared up, feeling that my femininity was lost. Later I learned that I had gained so much more. My face was no longer hidden from the world. I'm a pilot and I have a pixie cut.

My pixie cut marked the turning point in my life. Not only my hair transformed, but all I knew soon followed. In the years since the pixie cut, I found a position in aviation insurance that I am happy to have turned into a career, not just a job. I've become a commercial pilot and have found a home with my pilot family at Frederick Airport. Almost four years after that transformation, it is time that my blog notes the passing of that time as well.

Life tends to go in spurts or cycles. Sometimes I'm a confident pilot flying every weekend to new and interesting places. Others, I may shed some of that confidence while grounded for an extended period of time and watch as the rust slowly builds. Whether you are where you want to be in life or not, be open to change. It can be scary, but if you alter the word to "growth" it seems much more positive, doesn't it? Thanks for watching (reading) me grow. Thank you for continuing to follow my growth as Toriaflies becomes The Pixie Pilot.

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