Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We've had some good times, Rans.

My friend Kyle, has his Rans S7 up for sale on eBay. I've had some awesome times in that airplane and maybe now you will, too! 

Past Rans flights:
I've enjoyed flying this Rans S-7 short tail Courier (N24KG) for almost four wonderful years but it's time for us to see other people. She's a wonderful machine, and really it's not her it's me... I just want to go a little faster. Well, I want to go a lot faster. She just doesn't burn enough enough gasoline per hour to make it happen and even though I'm all, "No babe, you're only 675lbs empty, which is REALLY light compared to other Couriers," she just won't burn more than 4 gallons per hour. She doesn't want the other planes to think she's a heavy drinker. Go ahead and look her up on YouTube... girl knows how to have fun!

I should warn you, if you choose to be with this lady, she's quite the attention getter. Other pilots (and non-pilots) will come over to check her out, look under her cowl and say things like: 
Is that a super cub? 
Does it have doors? 
Is that a decathlon, because I flew decathlons and that almost looks like a decathlon? 
Now THAT's an airplane.
Where'd the doors go?

The best part of this girl is that she's not very needy. All you have to do is feed her premium unleaded auto gas (18 gallons if she's REALLY thirsty), and off you go. She'll snack on 100LL if auto fuel is not available, but her dry sump oil system prefers the unleaded stuff. I replaced all the rubber fuel components last fall with ethanol resistant rubber and upgraded carburetor boots to prevent any damage from the 10% of ethanol found in most unleaded fuel. The engine has been qualified by Rotax to burn 10% with no degradation in performance or reliability.

Here's a list of parts and accessories which come with the plane:

TTAE -- 700 hrs (will continue to fly until a deposit is received)
Avionics master switch
Bendex/King 96A Radio
King KT-76A transponder
Fuel Totalizer (sender currently disconnected after fuel system service, but included)
Removable rear stick
Upgraded Wedge Seat Cushions
Spades/ VG’s
Soft Start Module
Rotax 912 ULs Engine
3-blade Warp Drive propeller
Wingtip strobe lights
LED Nav/Position Lights 
LED Cockpit Lights
Whelen PAR-36 LED Landing Lights (Look like a 737 coming in)
4-point harnesses
21 inch Tundra Tires
18 gallon fuel capacity
645 lbs. useful load

Cruise all day long at 100mph at less than 4 gallons per hour. Or go to 75% cruise for 110mph with a little more juice. Land in less than 200'. Take off BEFORE THE NUMBERS! Land at wineries, farms, river banks, beaches, back yards, aircraft carriers, helipads, mountain tops, hospital roofs*, hills, sand bars... even airports!

*hospital roofs require landowner's permission prior to arrival. (Not recommended or suggested, that's just ridiculous)

So here are some serious questions answered:

Yes she's been hangared all her life... you don't let a sweet lady like this sleep outside. There is one patch on the fabric in the passenger area where a young lady whoshallnotbenamed had a heel related snafu. The patch is covered by the radiator scoop and is invisible to the outside of the aircraft. The fabric is in great shape.

No I didn't build her, I stole her away from an older man who didn't have time for her anymore. She's registered Experimental Amateur Built to me in Maryland.

No she's never been damaged, in fact, she has no emotional baggage at all. But she can carry 50lbs of your emotional baggage tucked out of sight in the luggage compartment. She can even do that while carting around your friend Bob who weighs 250lbs and is 6'6" in the back seat. She won't even care all that much after you trim her out! Bob you need to go on a diet.

She is hangared at KFDK in Frederick, Maryland. Yes you can come see her. No you can't come see her while I'm at work, unless I am able to arrange something. Sure thing you can talk to my A&P. He's also an IA and builds experimental aircraft for fun. He's from South Africa (Namibia) and he's a hoot.

What? You don't believe she can fly?! Check out my YouTube channel [Floats18] and be amazed.
Oh weird, you saw the video where we took the engine off the aircraft? That was because when she and I got together she didn't have a soft start module installed. The engine kicked back one day and that was the end of the sprag clutch (a common problem in Rotax 912 engines not equipped with the SSM). The sprag clutch was replaced by an authorized rotax service center and along with it was installed a SSM. The SSM is on the right mag and I haven't had any problems starting the aircraft since the addition.

Yes she had a different tail number when she was new. I chose N24KG because they are my initials and it dropped my radio call from 3 extra syllables of stuttering. I dislike phonetic letters with more than one syllable: quit wasting my time I, J, N, R, S, & U. Jerks.

Yes logs are complete and included. Two large build binders complete with drawings and instructions are also included and complete. The aircraft comes with extras including: extra uncut instrument panel, cabin heater muff and tubing, facet fuel-it gas transfer pump (if you'd like it, I don't use it), 5 gallon gas cans (if you'd like them, they're great), original seat cushions (don't know why you'd want them, but hey knock yourself out), spark plug field kit/spare plugs, cold weather radiator/oil cooler covers, and other extras I can't think of.

No I'm not excited to sell my Rans. I'm moving to an RV-4 and cannot keep two aircraft. If I could I would keep her so that I could have a 'going places' aircraft and a super fun bush machine. What? You think any airplane is a 'going places' airplane? You're right! I have flown this bird as far south as West Palm Beach, Florida and as far north as Mio, Michigan (if you're from Mio I'll give you a Michigander discount). It just took a while, but that was part of the fun!

I may be able to deliver the aircraft, but it depends on where you'd like it to go. I will deliver it at cost to anywhere I feel I can comfortably get to and back from over the course of a normal weekend. I can do a long weekend if we work something out. Once you own the aircraft I'll have to charge you hangar rent at $210/month... because I will then be paying 2 hangar rents.

The annual is due 8/31/2014. A fresh annual can be arranged if required, however we should talk about this. Email me.


  1. I want it based on the awesome Q&A alone!

  2. Steve nailed it! That's the best ad I've ever read!


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