Monday, April 28, 2014

T.P + Wine + Powered Parachutes + Friends = FUN

Bob was out of town and I'm in the process of getting my flight certificate and medical in order (more on that in a later post-le ugh!) but I wanted to fly! So I called up my brother from another mother (yep, we were accused of being related this weekend) Kyle with his Rans S7. Of course he wanted to fly! He had recently discovered (took him long enough!) the art of toilet paper cutting.
First, I must apologize to Steve of A Mile of Runway will take you Anywhere for doing this with Kyle. Steve has been promising me a toilet paper cutting flight in a Cub for ages. It looks like this year we may be finally able to pull that off. Alas, I will no longer be a TP virgin. It's funny, I started the day telling Kyle that we should drive separate as I didn't want to spend all day at the airport-gasp! He convinced me though and we found ourselves surrounded by friends and having several flying adventures.

There were a lot of plane-spotters at the airport on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and one of the first without some nasty winds. As Kyle gassed up and pulled out the airplane, I walked over to our hangar to get my headset. I saw many families watching planes including one with a blanket and snacks all set up in the bed of their pickup truck.

We quickly departed to smooth skies and flew up to 4,000' in an unpopulated area. I was designated the TP Queen and unrolled about a foot and let it drop out of the plane. Soon, we were turning in steep circles this way and that to find our quickly dropping and unrolling sandpaper-like 2 ply. But my words cannot do the fun justice, enjoy the video Kyle made instead:

Woohoo! So after all that excitement you think we'd be done. Nope. We came in and landed at FDK to get our bearings, chatted with Kyle's hangar mate, and were back up in the air again to go replenish my stock of wine. In December 2012 Kyle and I first landed at Linganore Winery to pick up some wine and it was time we paid them a visit again. Last time, no one thought we were that big of a deal. This time, however, we had people waiving picnicking in the grass and a group waving as we left.

.Crashing a wedding...venue
We landed (well Kyle did) the opposite as we did the first time we visited. This time we went uphill and had an additional obstacle: chairs, left over from a wedding the day before. But, the airplane doesn't cease to amaze me at how quickly it stops and takes off! After some photos and some chit chatting, we took off again, with some peach and strawberry wine sitting in the storage area.

TP and winery landing. Call it a day, eh? Nope. I think it was a "Oh look! There's Flying H Farms below!" that prompted a grass field landing. I've been to Flying H on several occasions to crew for the hot air balloon, Tailwinds, most memorable the day with the cluster balloon launch.

Flying H is popular for paragliders, and one was playing around with a trike (minus the envelope) on the runway when we passed over. After one go around to avoid her, we came back in for a soft landing and were greeted by paragliders waiting for the wind to calm down. We were just getting ready to depart when the wind calmed to be comfortable enough for one paraglider to take off. Naturally, we had to watch that especially when another of the group "challenged" him to do a fly by and kick a ball on the runway. What fun! Here's a quick video of that:

Ok, we had to leave sometime as Kyle said "to return Victoria to her husband". Bob was on his way to the airport to meet us for dinner. We landed and then the party started. Several other flying friends were at the airport and had landed and called it a day. Naturally the hangar chat began. While I hung out with three other

gentlemen, Kyle took Bob up in the Rans to find the Tailwinds balloon launch and to get him in on some of the flying action for the day.

Over ten people came and went by the hangar for that last hour at the airport. It just goes to show what a friendly community of pilots FDK has. It was great, we left the airport with smiles...and starving...

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  1. You have too much fun sometimes. I might have to get one of those paragliders for our dodgeball league next winter...


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