Monday, April 21, 2014

Flying Friday & Flying Sunday...kind of.

Neat turn around contrail
This is just a quick obligatory post on our flight this weekend. It was Easter holiday and time to visit my family in MI. I left work early after a very long and tiring week and met up with Bob and Turbo who were all packed up and waiting at the airport.

We quickly departed into a smooth and very hazy sky for Michigan. That's pretty much all I remember. Because I nodded off! And nod it was, because I tried to pay attention and enjoy the view and then...nod. My head was down. I jerked it back up, looked around and nod! Back down. After that I just gave up and slept for a good portion of the flight. 

What I was awake for was to see what the new Class B airspace around Detroit was like. It had expanded to at least twice its original size and now would be along the entire path of our flight through MI and the new airspace actually hovered over my old stomping grounds at PTK. My attitude was pretty negative towards that, however, we encountered no problems and super carefree clearance through the Bravo. Yay!

Previously, Turbo had started not appreciating flying with and being a bit more antsy. All was well on this flight, luckily. He slept like the good boy he is and promptly sat up when he felt us throttle back to land. He immediately popped over the seat and onto my lap upon touch down.

The weekend was a whirlwind of activities, a movie with the family, meeting up with friends, Bob helping clear the driveway of fallen trees from a storm, cocktails and dinner (I tried frog legs!) and Easter festivities. Before we knew it, we were saying it was time to head back to the airport and head home.

Turbo curled up with the luggage
The flight home was lovely, when you looked behind the plane. The sun set behind us leaving a nice reddish tinge to the calm sky. I had wanted to do the flying since I hadn't much the past few trips and I especially wanted to do the landing. But...I hurt my shoulder. Something about sleeping is very dangerous. So dangerous that you wake up one morning and cannot lift your arm without extreme pain. Maybe it's called "getting old". Whatever you call it, I flew for a bit but found it very hard to reach out with my left arm and as I descended, I gave over the controls to Bob. I couldn't even reach the throttle without letting out a squeal.

So, I really should have had Bob write this blog post as it would have been much more interesting. I slept and took pictures. Don't worry, all will be back in order soon, I have a couple future flights in mind :)


  1. I am glad to hear at least one example of Bravo clearance not being a problem now that Detroit's airspace has swollen in size. In the past, I've had mixed success with clearances through and I wondered how the increase in airspace coverage would affect things over my "home away from home" at PTK.

    1. This was our first experience with it, so I hope it stays that way. However, it may have just been our section of the airspace that made it easy. I suppose only time and more flights will tell!

  2. Good reminder re: the Bravo. I read about it a while ago and totally forgot until I saw this. We'll probably fly up that direction at some point this year.

    To date, DTW are still the only folks who have cleared me into the Bravo (multiple times!) without me even asking.

    1. We got cleared without asking or having to worry about changing our altitude. Our descent into PTK was at our discretion as well. I was happy that chunk of the flight was made easy on us.

    2. Yep, they seem like a decent group other than when Chris flies through. ;-)

      They cleared me in a couple years ago with a malfunctioning transponder. That one still blows my mind!


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