Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Perfect Day for a Rans Flight!

Somewhere over PA
Bob was out of town this past weekend for work and I had to get myself to the College Park Aviation Museum to finalize some Women Of Aviation Week Opening Ceremony plans. College Park Airport (KCGS) is one of the "DC3" that require a pin to fly into.
I have yet to go through the hassle of obtaining one and frankly hadn't bothered since Bob has one. As it so happens, my favorite flying buddy next to Bob, Kyle, had plans to fly that day, has a pin, and welcomed an extra passenger and an extra stop. Ok, what pilot would mind more flying anyway, right?

The first stop of the day was to Sky Manor Airport (N40) in New Jersey. Kyle would be showing his Rans S7 to a potential buyer. It was bitter sweet. The whole way over, he spoke of how much he loved his plane. I don't blame him! But, he was looking to upgrade to a Vans to keep up with Bob and I speed-wise. I told him just to get rich and have two planes. #firstworldproblems.

Unfortunately, the potential buyer's car broke down on the way over which we found once we arrived at N40. Luckily, there was an amazing Sunday breakfast buffet to be had at the Sky Manor Restaurant. Bob and I had lunch there a few years back, I was excited to get a taste of their breakfast and I was impressed! It was only $8.99, too. Can't beat that!

With full tummies and a full tank after talking it up with some other pilots, it was time to fly to College Park. Kyle filed the appropriate flight plan and we were soon on our way. The route took right through Baltimore airspace and we ended up being cleared right over BWI airport at 1,500'. As we transitioned, a Southwest plane departed below us. What a sight!

Which was is up?
After an hour and a half of flight we were soon landing at College Park and walking over to the museum. There was a boy scout event going on and was great to see kids everywhere learning new things about aviation. After getting some questions answered and seeing a few things I needed for the opening ceremony (it's going to be great!) we enjoyed the museum for ourselves a bit testing out a Wright Flyer simulator. For my previous post on the museum click here.

The flight in and out of College Park was busy with pilots enjoying the first good flying weather in a long time. Our heads were on swivel watching out for other aircraft. We were cut off by an aircraft on our flight in and did not want to happen again on the way out.We exited the SFRA without a hitch and soon were heading towards Frederick airspace after doing a few wing overs for the fun of it!
Our timing couldn't be better as Bob pulled into the airport just ten minutes later and we all headed out to get an early dinner together. Airplane talk continued throughout dinner as Kyle and I described our four hours of flight for the day to a jealous Bob.

My apologies for any typos in this quickly written post. Kyle couldn't wait to see it. This busy girl wrote it over three days during breaks at work. You're welcome Kyle. Now, any bets on whether he'll be able to bring himself to actually sell his pride and joy? ;)

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