Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SMAC064 – Island Flying In The Bahamas, Haiti, And Ignored Go Arounds

The SMAC gang is cold! Carl’s braving 30º temps in Florida, Victoria’s taking cover from frost-quakes, Len’s in his Chi-beria bunker, Sean’s absent, loaded up with bronchitis antibiotics, and Rick is holding it down in Boston. Even though they’re frozen right now, Carl and Victoria have each been to the islands recently. 

Victoria, her husband Bob, and their dog Turbo flew down to the Bahamas for some relaxation. She’ll tell you all about what it’s like getting in and out of the islands in a GA airplane with a dog. Carl flew a trip down to Haiti recently. He’ll discuss what it’s like getting in and out of the country and how his crew had to adapt to new rest rules. 

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