Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bahamas Flight - Part 3

In part 1 of my Bahamas blog series, Bob, Turbo and I flew from FDK to FXE. The following morning, we were soaring above the ocean and the clouds to MYAM, in the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas. Our final destination was the relaxing island and home to the Bahamas longest (and one of the most beautiful!) beaches, Great Guana Cay.

Great Guana Cay is the middle of the cays that parallel Great Abaco. The island is home to only 150 people and nine miles long. A third of the island belongs to a private resort community, Bakers Bay. So, that left us six miles to explore. There are basically two main roads on the island, the one on the bay side and the one going through the middle of the island. The house we rented, called the Treehouse, was just a quick walk to the beach or the main road on the bay.

Great Guana is very laid back and low key. It is not a common tourist destination, so many celebrities frequent here. There are only several restaurants, so we found ourselves at the grocery store and cooking from "home" a majority of the time, which was great. The only nightlife could be found at Nippers, a bar on the beach that offers a delicious and popular pig roast on Sundays. The best sunsets can be found at the newly opened Sunsetters Grille, or Grabbers on the other end of the island. A popular sweet cocktail that can be enjoyed on Great Guana is the Guana Grabber that's available at Grabbers and a fun small tiki bar on the main road. Ice cream and burgers can be found at Flavours by the docks.

Whether on the beach or walking (or golf carting) the roads, everyone was super friendly. With such a small island, all the locals and frequent visitors new each other and their pets, too! All outdoor restaurants were dog friendly and everyone came to know Turbo. As always, he was the center of attention, even on New Years Eve at the bar.

The beach was one of the most beautiful I've seen. The sand was soft and took up a wide area. There were large rocks to walk upon but did not take up the entirety of the beach, which is five miles long. The tide varied greatly, offering different scenes throughout the day. I'm not a person who can just spend hours upon hours daily at the beach. But I have become claustrophobic from piles of responsibility in my life. This vacation and this beach helped me to let go of the tension and be at peace. I spent hours upon hours at the beach, taking a dip, reading books, burying Turbo in the sand and watching Bob snorkel in the distance. I know I could have easily spent more time there and if you visit, you would agree!

Usually, Bob and I fill our lives with adventure and activities. We did not island hop or boat. Instead, we reflected on the year that lay behind us, taking time to wind down and relax. It was just what the doctor ordered. The laid back days flew by and ended with a New Years fireworks display offered by Nippers on the beach. 

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