Friday, January 3, 2014

Bahamas Flight - Part 1

After Bob rescued the Glasair from upper Michigan, it was finally time to breathe a sigh of relief and head on our way to paradise-the Bahamas! It was a rushed week, Christmas festivities were followed by a day of work then a vet visit for Turbo to be cleared to the Bahamas. Yes, Turbo got to go too! Following the appointment that took longer than expected, we departed Frederick and into the evening sky.

There's no night VFR flight in the Bahamas, so our plan was to stay in Florida that night then depart for blue skies and sandy beaches the following morning. I admit, I was tired and grumpy. We had recently been discussing upgrading to a Glasair III, so all I could think of was having more room to move and more knots to get there. Bob flew most of the way and I broke up the ride for him occasionally. But after a long day on the go, I decided to listen to the music we were playing and nod off here and there. 

We stopped at CPC, Columbus County Airport in North Carolina to stretch our legs, fill up some cheap gas, and the plan was also to have some food. There was a Cessna 410 already there filling up, they happened to be on their way to the Bahamas as well. We chatted and let Turbo do his business. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to eat in walking distance and the FBO was closed with no code to enter at night. The aircraft before us said their was a Papa Johns that would deliver, but we decided to munch on the snacks I packed instead. We took off again and before the Cessna, which would trail behind us 15 minutes later as we heard each other on the radio.

Two and a half uneventful hours later my tired husband, puppy and I parked by a DC3 and unloaded at World Jet FBO at FXE, Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. World Jet was pretty friendly and honored a lower avgas price across the field. It is a 24 hour FBO and just across the street is a dog friendly LaQuinta with a McDonald's next door that's open until 1AM. We placed our order at 12:55. Full of fast food, we soon fell asleep eager for the morning flight.

...but we had to eat, first! Our friend, Matt, happened to be in town as well so he came to pick us up for breakfast. We found a great diner with dog friendly outdoor seating, the Red Fox Diner. Coconut dipped french toast with strawberries-that's all I have to say! Drool.
Prior to breakfast, Bob had filled out our eAPIS to cross over to the Bahamas. With full bellies, Turbo donned his life jacket and we set ours within reach.We did not get a life boat as there was no room and were not going to be more than 100NM from any shore at a time. The cameras were ready, aimed for the clear blue ocean we would soon soar above. 

It was a beautiful sight, but you'll hear more about that tomorrow.

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  1. Bahamas is on our list for 2014. Looking forward to all the dog friendly info and drooling over pictures of warm sunny wx and beach! Hope you all have a blast!!


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