Monday, December 16, 2013

We took the bus instead of the plane...

My Christmas gift from my darling husband was to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City, it's been a dream of mine to see it in person. Just the tree and I'm satisfied. Well, we ended up doing much more and I got a few more gifts in the process.Unfortunately the plane is still stranded in Upper Michigan awaiting its rescue soon. I will be unable to depart on that adventure due to responsibilities back at home, but I'll have Bob report in on that.

Even if we did have the plane, the decision to take a bus to NYC would have proven better. While flying GA is usually the most cost effective for weekend travels, to a city such as NYC it is not. We were considering flying into KEWR (Newark Liberty International) and take a half an hour train ride to NYC from there. Landing fees near large cities can be immense, and EWR included an increased landing fee during peak hours, on top of FBO fees. As it turns out, as the song goes, the weather outside was frightful. Low, grey clouds and snow (which turned out to be beautiful by the tree).

We decided on taking the Megabus, which departs from a carpool lot in Baltimore. Fares start at only $1 and we got our round trip tickets in late at just $35 each. While it would be a three hour trip from Baltimore, it saved much money for little extra time. Tying down the aircraft, putting on the cover, registering at the FBO and then taking the train into the city would have taken some time. That saved money went towards some fun shopping at Macy's and a new Swarovski necklace from Bob at Rockefeller center.

The moral of the story? Sometimes choosing another method of transportation can be quicker, more cost effective and safe. Plus, we got to nap! But I still miss the plane...

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