Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time to Spare? Go by Air! -Part 1

The holidays always create a sense of urgency and a time of rushing from place to place. General aviation makes that rush a bit easier, helping families cross great distances in a speedier time. GA airplanes have made travelling from Maryland to Pennsylvania or Michigan to visiting family around the holidays a breeze...IF everything cooperates.

The original plan was to fly up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to visit my side of the family. We wanted to be able to rest and spend some time with them before the Thanksgiving-cooking-craze took over the new kitchen. Unfortunately, the weather's wants did not align with ours and the state of Maryland continued to be bombarded by rain and sleet as it had for the past unseasonably chilly week. I quickly noticed we were reaching the winter season where the freezing levels become very important and clouds can be quite dangerous to a plane without any anti-ice systems. We left Thursday morning instead.

The flight up to MI was relaxing and fun to see the gradual change from snow-less Maryland, to a dusting in PA and southern OH to several inches of snow later on.  It was super chilly, so we wore our hats over and under our headsets (my new Halo allowed both ways which is awesome) and Turbo sat in the back in his new seat bundled under Bob's Carhart (more on his new seat in another blog!). Weather looked questionable at our point of landing (KPTK) so we stopped in Youngstown,
OH to take a potty break and check the weather on NOAA. Winner Aviation is the local FBO and I got red carpet service...literally! They put a red carpet down on my side of the aircraft as I got out, they even helped Turbo off the wing. Bob got nothin'. The weather at PTK looked grey, but OK so we continued on after a short break and landed under an hour later.

Even with being a day late, we were able to enjoy almost a full day full of family, friends and good Thanksgiving eats. Friday would be another adventure...and another blog post!

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