Friday, December 6, 2013

Time to Spare? Go by Air! -The Conclusion

Part 1 - Delayed to lower MI
Part 2 - Delayed to upper MI
Part 3 - Stuck in upper MI

Part 4 - How she returned home!

In my previous post, I watched my husband fly away as the not-so-flying puppy and I returned to visit with my grandmother another night. It sucked that I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, but I was so blessed to have an extra day with my 85 year young grandmother. We went back home and while she took her daily nap I walked the dogs on the beach once again and we enjoyed a lovely dinner and reading together in the evening.

I talked with Bob that night, waiting to hear the weather as Grandma has no internet or cell service where she's at. It was relaxing at times, but when "everything is up in the air" it tends to bring some anxiety. And anxiety is what I got with the weather report. I would not be flying anywhere the next day, let alone anytime that week. I had to get at least partway home. Turbo and I had a nine hour drive ahead of us. 

I forgot how beautiful the drive through upper Michigan was and it went by surprisingly fast. We made several stops so Turbo could spread his legs, including by Mackinac Bridge View Park, where I just couldn't pass up a photo opp. I returned to my parents home in lower MI and worked remotely from there for the next two days and visited with friends. 

I was in luck that my friend Matt who also has a Glasair had Tuesday and Wednesday off and was always looking for an excuse to fly. Unfortunately, weather did not permit that on Tuesday, but Wednesday afternoon Matt flew up to PTK to "rescue" Turbo and I. It confused the linemen at the FBO, same girl, kind of the same plane, but that's not the same guy.... I got a kick out of it.

The flight home was just over two hours with an instrument departure and arrival. We flew at 11,000 feet between overcast layers and the sunset was lovely. Turbo slept, Matt ate this $9 Subway foot long sub I got him, I flew. Fun stuff. 

I made it home, and returned to life with hubby. But our beloved plane is up in the cold awaiting our return! Many our jealous of our lifestyle, with a new city every weekend, but sometimes you just end up stranded when airliners may not! While the past series of events were extremely inconvenient, we made safe decisions that resulted in us still being together, and alive. 


  1. Great photos and good decisions. Abandoning the airplane would cause me a lot of anxiety, but it's better than the alternative. Isn't it great to have such good friends?

    I'll look forward to reading about a successful rescue of the Glasair.

  2. Sometimes you just have to decide to stay on the ground.Too many times we read the horror stories about the pilots who made the wrong decision, I'm you made the right one.

  3. Finally getting to this but wanted to say I know the feeling! Nearly the same problem arose on our big trip around Lake Michigan a few years ago - we were stuck with Gina's grandma for three days, with (nearly) no internet. Being summer, at least we finally got out of there and continued on home.

    "Time to spare, go by air" was certainly the right title for this trip. Such is GA life. Sometimes, at least.


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