Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Flying Moments of 2013

I say this every year since I started listing my favorite flights in 2010. Man oh man does time fly! This year seems more than most. 2014 will be bringing some changes for me, hopefully slowing this momentum down. However, I hope it means even more awesome moments to come! So here you have it, my selected favorite flying moments of 2013.

January: Adopting Turbo
All my readers should now be aware of the other boy that holds my heart, Turbo the Flying Dog! He now has a Facebook and has logged over 40 hours in the air as a flying pampered pooch.

March: WOAW 2013
It was my third year running the local Women Fly it Forward event. Going with the Women Of Aviation Week space theme, we had amazing guest speakers to include a female astronaut and beat our previous record for women flown! I was also the US Team Leader, encouraging airports and pilots around the country to participate!

March: Flight Deck Diner formation flight
Just another $100 Hamburger run, but one that offered spectacular sunset views and fun with another pilot friend.

April: Fairy Stone State Park
It's amazing how much camping gear (and puppy gear!) you can cram into a small plane! But we did it, and had fun hiking in and learning all the legends of Fairy Stone State Park.

May: Atlanta Birthday Flight
It's my birthday and I'll fly if I want to! For my 28th birthday, we headed to Atlanta for an Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show concert. Other activities included two new $100 hamburger stops, the (amazing!) Georgia Aquarium and picking up a new flying mascot since Turbo was not with us.

May: Leaning In
In April, I found myself devouring the book, Lean In, by CEO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg. So much resonated within me, that I soon found my story featured on the Lean In website. Check it out and go get a copy of the book for yourself.

May: Elementary school visit
"What happens if you have to go to the bathroom?" "Are there snacks on your plane?" All fun questions from eager Elementary school students I spoke to in May. I wonder how many are now considering a career in the sky?

June: NYC Skyline
A trip to a dog beach in New Jersey was just too close to the Hudson Corridor not to take the opportunity to get the coolest sky view of New York City.

July: $100 Hedgehog
We lost our previous hedgehog quite suddenly and knew we definitely wanted another. As it turned out, we had concert plans in Ohio near a hedgehog breeder and picked a new one up on our way home. Poka turned out to be a natural flying hedgehog.

September: Ford Trimotor Flight
A piece of aviation history landed in Frederick this past September. I could not pass up the opportunity to fly in such an aviation gem. Turbo and Bob joined me for the ride!

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  1. You guys certainly got around in 2013! Gary's quite the traveler but I swear you and Bob travel more than anyone else I know via small airplane. Guess owning a little speed demon of an airplane helps! :)

    Happy New Year!


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