Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Airplane Backseat just for Flying Fidos!

Turbo the Flying Dog has grown some since he was the four pound puppy we rescued out in West Virginia. While he used to fit on my lap and I could fly comfortable he has more than doubled to the long legged lanky medium sized dog he is today. I found that laying straight, he took up my whole leg, but just a bit too close to the stick. If he lay closer to my stomach, he'd have to hold a perfect curled position around the stick. While usually still, I did not want to risk something to happen because he moved during an important stage of flight. Also, it got quite uncomfortable attempting to fly around a pooch.

I had an idea in my head to make a "shelf" or "hammock" for Turbo to lay in, but also be above all of our luggage. I thought PVC pipe could work. I had the vision, but it was up to Bob to make it happen-and he did! 

The PVC pipe has two connected L shape bases with removable pipes where the hammock slid on. The bases were all glued together, but the pipes connecting them were to be removable so the doggie seat could be taken in and out of the aircraft easily. The hammock is some rockin' tie dyed skull fabric with sleeves to be easily taken on and off the PVC pipes. For our airplane, the doggie hammock base must be put in the aircraft first, followed by the luggage, then the pipes. Next, the pipes must be connected and insert dog and you're on your way!

I was so impressed how it worked! I was worried about the pipes sliding out, but the pressure from the sides of the airplane kept it together in one piece. My second worry was whether Turbo would enjoy staying in there or not, but that worry was unwarranted, as he loved it! Turbo had his own area all to himself to spread out and was level with us. When we first departed, he kept his head up and looked out the window. I can't help but wonder what was going on in his little puppy mind in regards to what he was seeing.

True to his usual form, Turbo soon nodded off. It was a cold and chilly flight, especially towards the back of the plane, so he got to bundle up in Bob's jacket. The doggie hammock has been used for two, two and a half hour flights to a great success. Sometimes it hovers just above the luggage and others he rests a bit on top of it. Regardless, we have a happy flying puppy in the back and a happy flying couple (with room to move!) up front.

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