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99's Grow During WOAW Week

99 News – November/December – 2013
Sugarloaf Chapter

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. — Amelia Earhart 

Amelia Earhart caught our imagina tion and helped spark our ambition and daring as we took the path to becoming pilots and future members of the organization she started. Although she will forever be an inspiring woman written about in history, what future women pilots need most is a female role model with whom they can interact today. They need a Ninety-Nine. 

The annual Women of Aviation World - wide Week (WOAW Week), March 3-9 in 2014, is the perfect opportunity to reach out to women in the shadows, those who are not quite sure if aviation is for them or who don’t know how to get started. WOAW Week events taking place during just one week have welcomed over 40,000 girls and women into aviation facili ties around the world over the years. Many individual Ninety-Nines and Chapters re sponded to the challenge and contributed significantly to make this female aviation outreach initiative the largest ever created. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a Ninety-Nine, it’s that we are driven to share our passion; nothing excites us more than to share our advice and wisdom with others to spark their interest in aviation. In fact, I know that their many tireless efforts played a vital role in the success of Frederick, Maryland, events since 2010. The Frederick Municipal Airport has seen over 750 girls and women take their first flight during WOAW Week, and I was in awe of how a small Chapter can make an impact on so many people. 

A popular question from participants following WOAW Week is, “This was amazing; I want to learn to fly! How can I continue to get support from here?” When - ever The Ninety-Nines are involved in an event, the answer is personal and simple: “Come and join us. We are here to support you.” 

The organization behind Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW), encourages and supports everyone who wants to make a difference and grow the female pilot population. No membership or fee is required to participate, but there are many prizes for all participants to win. In addition, after you re - quest your organizer kit, a dedicated group of volunteer team leaders (including me) is ready to assist you if you are planning an event. And while events are fun, they’re not the only way to participate — everyone is invited to take a girl or a woman on their first flight to celebrate. 

All that is needed is a decision. “ yes, I want to make a difference!” Then, visit the website and click on “Participate” to view the many ways you and/or your Chapter can get involved. y our participation will help you to not only grow your Ninety-Nines Chapter but for you to grow as a mentor, as a pilot, as a woman. Visit to get started!

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