Sunday, November 17, 2013

SMAC060 – Precision GPS Approaches, Midair Collisions, And Parachutes

Episode 60 is on the air with your favorite group of aviation insomniacs - Carl, Victoria, Rick, Sean, and Len. We’ve got the whole gang together!
In today's episode we talk about how Len learned something new at work in the past couple of weeks. Have you ever made a GLS approach? Learn everything you need to know about this new precision approach making its way to an airport near you. There’s also video floating around the internet of two skydiving planes colliding while the jumpers and one of the pilots parachute to safety. The co-hosts talk about their reactions to that video as well as what might happen if they find themselves in a similar situation including their thoughts on the merits and uses of parachutes for pilots and for airplanes.
So lets kick the tires and light the fires cuz it's SMAC time! Here we go.

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